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Ometa develops software to help companies in optimizing processes, communication and document management. Nowadays, the ever growing flood of information makes it almost impossible for a company to communicate in an efficient way.

The tricky part in this trend is that the majority of all this information is unstructured. Just think of bulging mailboxes or packed C-drives. Ideally, information should always be found at the right place. An example: when we look up a customer number in our CRM application, we get a lot of structured information. This information is usually not the only information that can be found about this customer. Think about signed (paper) contracts, e-mail traffic with the customer, internal e-mail traffic about the customer, and so on.

The Ometa Integrator Framework is the link between enterprise applications and unstructured information on one hand, and web based portals (e.g. MS Office 365) on the other hand. Portals like for instance SharePoint make it possible to display information extracted from several sources, all in one view. Our technology unlocks data from ERP- and CRM-systems and puts the relevant information in the right context. This way we create interfaces tailored to the end user. We can now see all information about the customer in one view. This simplifies the process, protects us from making mistakes and improves communication within the company.

When you recognize the problem of an increasing flow of information and the difficulty of managing this information, then Ometa is the solution. Our promise: we help organizations achieve operational excellence by enabling smart data management.

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