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Unifly is software company that creates aviation-related solutions for drones and manned aviation. Unifly is also a spin-off company of VITO (Flemish institute for technological research). Unifly was founded by a team that combines a unique combination of knowledge and expertise in aviation.

Experienced Air Traffic Controllers, Licensed Professional Pilots and Software Engineers shared a vision. A vision that Aviation could be rendered safer by creating a management platform that would enable the safe integration of drones into the manned aviation system.

In 1911, the Wright Brothers performed the first motorised flight. Very soon after that, they and other early aviation enthousiasts discovered that flying is not without risk. Many young pioneers lost their lives in airplane crashes. Legislators realized that a new set of rules were necessary to make flying safe and useful. Over the years, a comprehensive international set of regulations has been created to address all issues of flight safety. Aircraft must comply with strict reliability requirements and must be certified before it can be used. Airmen must undergo rigorous training and must be medically sound in order to be allowed to fly aircraft and must have a pilot license. Aircraft operators must adhere to strict procedure.

Safety is on the top of the minds of everyone who is active in Aviation. Flying is the safest means of travel and the safest means of transport. Enter: the Drones. Technological evolution has made it possible for just about everyone to buy a drone and send it aloft. First there were a few. Now there are many.

The very safe Aviation system was never designed to cater for the large amounts of small unmanned vehicles flying at very low levels. THE challenge for the industry is to ensure safe cohabitation of manned and unmanned in a safe manner. And that is what Unifly wants to stand for.

“UniFly wants to bridge the gap between manned and unmanned aviation.”

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