MFG Labs

MFG Labs

We live in a Programmable World. Tasks and processes that were once powered and organized by human beings are becoming more and more automated. These systems rely on software and algorithms. In this disrupted environment, MFG Labs’ mission is to help brands and organisations Embrace the Programmable World, by adding layers of intelligence on top of these automated systems, or by creating these systems when they don’t already exist.

Our team is what allows us to seize the opportunities of this Programmable World. MFG Labs’ talent pool ranges from mathematicians to designers, with strong roots in world-class academic backgrounds. This rich asset forms a one-stop shop that encompasses strategy consulting, design, digital expertise, software engineering and data science. Our operating model is made of highly agile and collaborative processes, strong project management, extensive code libraries and technological expertise, and a specific focus on R&D capabilities.

By combining top talents and state-of-the-art technologies, we empower companies from a wide range of sectors with tools that allow them to start their own data-driven revolutions. This helps them develop new ways to operate that translate into unprecedented competitive advantages.

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